Workshop „Successful Cooperation in Networks“for migrants and voluntary supporters working with refugees

For many months (and years) active individuals and groups have come together to support refugees in arriving and integrating into communities in Thuringia and to strengthen their participation. And also migrants and refugees (begin to) organise themselves.
During the workshop we would like to find answers on common questions in networking:

  • How can we build constructive cooperation and togetherness in our network?

  • How do we want to communicate with each other – analogue or digital, who needs to know what?

  • How do we organise our work in a reasonable and accomodating way without creating stress and frustration?

  • Who is involved in decision making, especially by changing participation of people and differing intensity of involvement?

The workshop is aimed at:

  • migrants and refugees who want to organise themselves

  • active people working together with refugees

  • interested persons from consensus-oriented groups and organisations

and is led by 3 experienced organisational development consultants/coaches.

This is happening at the workshop:

  • introduction of possibilities to guide processes of cooperation and to take decisions

  • bringing in your own topics and trying out new methods in small (instructed) working groups

  • room for exchange

Saturday, 3/12/2016 | 10 am – 5 pm | Radio F.R.E.I., Lernplatz (4. OG), Gotthardtstr. 21, Erfurt

The workshop is free of charge!

Applications until 25 November 2016

>> Workshop language is German. If you require an interpreter for another language pls apply until 18 November 2016.

Contact: Angelika Heller (Radio F.R.E.I.) | phone: 0361–7467422 | email: